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Aluminum Gourd Shape Light Poles Supplied to Bucaramanga,Columbia

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:02/22/2020

In the Feburary of 2020, YAOLONG supplied successfully 200 pcs of aluminum gourd shape light poles to Bucaramanga, Santander, Columbia.The pole lights were installed in a scenic apartment area.This is the first time that YAOLONG supplied aluminum columns to Colombia. We are proud to work with local engineering architects and contractors to complete this groundbreaking light pole project.


YAOLONG is a professional manufacturer of high-end aluminum street light poles and garden light poles with 16 years of production experience. The specification of this gourd aluminium poles is 6 meters in height, the top diameter of 60mm and the bottom diameter of 152mm. The wall thickness of the poles is 4.0mm. The light pole is to support a set of solar integrated luminaire with 25kgs in weight. From a safety point of view, Yaolong's technical team has fully considered the capacity of this light pole to resist 180km/h wind speed.


With the trend of decorative lighting projects becoming more and more modern, this is an opportunity for minimalist light pole designs. Compared to classic cast aluminum poles , spun aluminum garden light poles have become rising star in the light pole industry. The aluminum alloy double gourd light pole produced by YAOLONG team is made of high-quality aluminum alloy 6063 aluminum ingot material, which is processed through spinning, T6 heat treatment and laser cutting and surface natural anodized. It has the advantages of light weight and easy-installation. After T6 heat treatment, the hardness of aluminum alloy pole is comparable to that of stainless steel. This is the reason that YAOLONG aluminum poles can withstand 160km / h wind velocities.


YAOLONG team is honored to complete this demanding Colombian apartment light pole project. YAOLONG will continue to provide the global market with high quality aluminum pole products with European and American standards.

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