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Why Choose Us

Guangdong Yaolong Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Professional Company

Yaolong flagpole company ,is one of the professional supplier of aluminum flag pole and stainless steel flag pole in China .We have 5 factories in China and a large amount of advanced device to ensure the product quality and delivery time.Whether you need 1 or 1,000 light pole structures, we’ve got you covered. Our facilities can support even the most complex projects demanding the most out of production.Our total building size is about 40,000㎡ with more than 200 employees. Monthly production volume is 5,000 nos and annual volume is 60,000 nos.


Advanced Equipment

(1) 16m long bending machine. We can make 16m pole in one piece without joint. It will be stronger and safer.

(2) T6 heat treatment oven .With this process, the aluminum poles will be much harder.

(3) 12m long *3m wide precise and efficient laser cutting machine. It can cut the raw material up to 30mm thickness.

(4) Stable and automatic plasma welding machine.

(5) 15m long anodizing facility for the spinning aluminum pole. It improves the corrosion resistance a lot.

Research and Development Strength

We have a qualified research and development department. We aim to built a better lighting world,and we hope Yaolong flagpole can perfectly display the logo and culture of each country and region. In 16 years, Yaolong flagpole company always committed to developing better products,also obtained many patent certificates.

Our Team

(1)Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the process of purchasing light poles for your location and application.Your inquiry will be responded promptly within 12 hours and you will be given a reasonable advice.

(2) Design team
(2)Our design team specializes in customer service to meet the specific needs of an individual customer or installation site,we can design new product according to market and customer’s requirement.

(3) Production team
We have more than 300 employees 80% of whom have over 20 years working experience in our factories.  

(4) Installation team
If you don’t want to hire local installation team ,our practised installation team can go abroad to give installation instruction .

flagpole manufacturers sales team
flagpole manufacturers exported sales team
flagpole manufacturers production team
installation team
welding line

Export Experience 

(1)For over 16 years ,YAOLONG flagpole company has developed toward an international brand, our products have been widely exported to United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.
(2)In order to enhance the overseas consumers' awareness of YAOLONG brand,we participate in many exhibitions

exhibition in Dubai
exhibition in Germany
exhibition in Saudi Arabia
Exhibition in Qatar
exhibition in Americin
exhibition in brazil

Quality Control

We have strict quality control process for all of our poles, make sure every pole is in good condition before shipment.

1. The material will be inspected before production. We ensure the material element meet the requirement.

2. After the pole finished, we will do the strength test and surface corrosion test, which will guarantee the safety of the pole.

3. The technician in every process of production will inspect the quality of the previous process.

4. The quality supervisor will inspect the pole products overall before packing.

Every step of the quality control is very important. We love our pole products and we are responsible for our company and clients. Our clients will have good purchase experience.

As the pioneer in the filed of light pole and flag poles in China, our quality is the best definitely.

Quality Control