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What is bollard?Bollard types?

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:12/21/2019


Whether to clam traffic, protect assets, or create visual boundaries around landmarks,stainless steel bollards are functional decorative pillars used in everyday environments. The bollard has a variety of aesthetics, from shiny stainless steel to traditional cast iron, or can be painted with bright powder coatings to add color.

The stainless steel bollards may have high or low impact resistance. Some are designed to withstand vehicles, while others are non-abrasive, bending when impacted and only acts as a visual barrier. Bollards can protect pedestrians and infrastructure and control traffic flow. Each of these bollards serves an important but very different purpose. Therefore, their site planning, spacing, and installation methods are also different. Refer to this guide to quickly determine the each of this bollards’ purpose,yaolong stainless steel bollards manufacturer will introduce this bollard’ s recommended installation method and common mooring pile application spacing in the next news.



Bollard applications are versatile and can be fixed or removable with high or low impact forces. There are several common installation methods for bollards cover applications in commercial and industrial environments. The first consideration is whether the bollards are fixed and permanent, or used for changing access control. It is up to the installer to select the best installation method according to the requirements of the bollard.

Fixed, high-impact mountings

Stainless steel pipe safety bollards provide stronger protection for vehicles. They are deeply embedded in the concrete base and become sturdy devices. Decorative stainless steel bollards cover can be placed on top of these safety posts to enhance aesthetics. However, the bollard cover itself does not increase the impact resistance provided. To provide building safety and pedestrian protection in areas susceptible to vehicle traffic, this stainless steel bollards + the security posts is one of the most reliable devices.


stainless steel bolt down bollards

Fixed, surface mountings

Surface mounting uses bolts and concrete anchors to secure the bollards into the existing concrete. This method does not require digging or pouring concrete. Although this installation does not provide much protection against impact, they help protect inventory from carts and other unpowered vehicles other unpowered vehicles in warehouse spaces and grocery stores. This method of installation is also suitable for bollards used to marking boundary lines, such as lanes separating in a parking lots or marking the end of parking spaces.


bolt down bollards

Removable mountings

By using removable mountings, the bollards can be temporarily removed for maintenance. Removable bollards are installed into new or existing concrete using special mounts. Locking pins and padlocks are used to secure the bollards to these bases. However, this mounting method provides little impact resistance. Removable bollards are a great way to prevent and allow vehicles to enter certain roads or moving spaces. They are also an excellent choice for areas that require increased security during non-business hours (for example, at a warehouse loading dock or at a park entrance).


stainless steel removable bollards


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