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Bollards Spacing Installation Guide

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:12/28/2019


Bollards play an integral role in helping to protect people and property, such as stores and ATMs, from damage. The location of the bollards affects the way the public interacts with an area and the effectiveness of vehicle obstacles in preventing accidents.Today, Yaolong bollards manufacturers will share with you the spacing of several other bollards. In the previous article, we have mentioned what the types of bollard have? And how wide the distance should be.

bollards cover spacing


Loading dock security

The loading dock is where the shipping container meets the warehouse loading and unloading area and is used to load and unload of inventory. The truck must back up into the loading area in such a way that the opening in the loading area is aligned with the opening in the truck floor. This could put the exterior of the building at risk of accidental collision, as the truck could go backwards too far. The stainless steel bollards can mark the width of the dock openings, increasing driver space awareness and making it easier for them to aim at the truck.

The removable bollards also provide access control to the warehouse dock. If the loading platform is not used for a period of time, removable bollards can be provided to protect the loading platform from opening. This prevents unauthorized truck or vehicle collisions-a way to steal warehouse inventory by crashing into a warehouse opening. These multi-purpose bollards can be easily removed during working hours.

Recommended Bollard Spacing

The spacing of the bollards can be determined by the warehouse yard planner. Typically, the exterior dimensions of a standard US bays bumper panel are approximately 8 feet, matching the exterior width of most shipping containers. It is recommended to leave 6 inches of clearance on each side of the loading platform to keep the bollards 9 feet apart.

warehouse bollard spacing

Cyclist protection and lane delineating

For cyclists, bike lanes marked on the road are often not enough to ensure their safety. Nothing prevents the driver from crossing the bike lane when turning right or using it as a parking lane. Lane contours force drivers to realize that they are sharing the road with cyclists and stay in their lanes.
The flexible bollards have a high profile and can be wrapped with reflective tape, so they can be clearly seen by the driver even in dark or rainy weather. The durable polyurethane material allow the flexible bollards to bend upon impact and immediately restores its original shape. It does not cause damage to the vehicle, but awareness has been improved for both the driver and the cyclist.

Recommended Bollard Spacing

It is recommended that flexible bollards be spaced 50 feet on straight sections of the road. In areas where roads are curved or at intersections, cyclists are at greater risk. In these areas, a bollard should be installed every 5 feet.

bike lane bollard spacing


Parking lot security

Flexible bollards can help guide traffic in congested areas, such as parking lots where it is difficult to find effective traffic flow. Appropriate traffic control at the entrance and exit of the parking lot can reduce the confusion that can lead to accidents. Flexible bollards provide clear boundaries and separate access lanes, limiting the opportunity for cars to enter the wrong lane. They can also be used to mark the end of a parking space to prevent the driver from falling into the wall. Their height and color stand out in a parking environment with many disturbances. Parking piles can also protect parking infrastructure, such as ticket machines and police kiosks.

Recommended Bollard Spacing

The bollards used to demarcate lanes in the parking lot do not require pedestrians to exit, so the bollards can be spaced closely if needed. Site planners can make appropriate decisions based on site requirements and security. If bollards are used to identify crosswalks in the parking lot, the distance between the bollards should be between 3 and 5 feet. This leaves sufficient space for pedestrian and wheelchair access, but does not allow vehicles to pass.

For bollards used to mark the end of parking spaces, two bollards are usually installed per parking space. They should be centered within the width of the parking space and spaced between 4.5 and 5 feet.

parking bollard spacing

Bollard site planning points

Bollards are a viable solution to creating safer urban spaces, so that pedestrians, cyclists and motorists can live together in harmony. Multiple mounting options make the bollards practical and adaptable to changing spaces. Bollard spacing is just as important as the installation method and has a significant impact on bollard function and pedestrian accessibility. Stainless steel bollards that do not comply with separation standards may violate local laws and regulations and may be removed from service. It is important for site planners and installers to understand local regulations and site requirements, as well as the expected results of the mooring post application itself.


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