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Electrical Operated Internal Flagpole & Medal Award Flagpole

If you are looking for horizontal stainless steel level medal award flag raising system flagpole, you've come to the right place. That's because the YAOLONG stainless steel flagpole supplier and aluminum pole manufacturers carry virtually any size flagpole at the guaranteed most reasonable price. Our medal award flagpole collection includes vertical and horizontal flagpole with flag raising system. The electrical operated and medal award flagpole for grand games, commonly made from stainless steel 304/316L, these two kinds of raw material both are high-strength and finest. For the sake of aesthetics, the flap pole surface has been polished, to make it looks solemn, generous, beautiful that fashioned. The podium is a solemn and impressive place, When the national anthem is played, everyone pays attention to the national flagpole raising, what would you feel if the flagpole suddenly breaks down or the national anthem is out of step with the speed of flag-raising. So you need to select carefully.
YAOLONG, as a commercial and government stainless steel tapered poles, aluminium tapered poles supplier, we have worked with local governments on numerous large projects. For 14 years, never before has anything like this embarrassing happened. Our level medal award flag raising system flagpole is controlled by the computer, so the flag can be hoisted smoothly, accurately and be synchronized with the country national anthem. In addition, the installation of this flag raising system is very convenient. Besides the remote control, We provide manual handle to hoist a flag just in case when there is no electricity power supply to the system. And Our halyard is made of composite rustproof steel rope, handsome and anti-rust, its not easy to be cut down and's very easy to install as tapered flag pole don't need to be welded when installation. We know there is a little difficult to choose if you need help or advice? Just call toll free 86-757-83131237 or send email to and our friendly staff will explain the options and benefits.
In the rapidly developing 21st century, stainless steel has become one of the most commonly used alloy materials in people's lives. Different from traditional iron products, stainless steel products generally have excellent characteristics of light weight, high hardness and corrosion resistance, so they are widely used in military equipment, engineering production, house construction, daily necessities and steelmaking industry.

With the improvement of people's living standards, the material of the flagpole has developed from the past wood and iron to stainless steel and aluminum alloy. At present, there are two types of flagpoles on the market: stainless steel tapered pole and Variable diameter pole. As the name implies, the stainless steel tapered pole is tapered like a conical shape from bottom to top,The variable diameter flagpole is composed of segmented cone-shaped flagpoles. 

The production of stainless steel tapered flag pole : First,cut the stainless steel plate according to the length of the flagpole you make. The stainless steel materials we selected are mostly 304 and 316L, and the thickness of the stainless steel tapered flag pole is between 2.5mm and 6.0mm. This process requires the use of a large shearing machine, the steel plate is cut longer than the actual length. Cutting the steel plate into an isosceles trapezoid. According to the geometric principle, it will become a cone when rolled up. Stainless steel tapered flagpoles are commonly used in flagpole types, mainly types are manual flagpoles and stainless steel tapered electric operated flagpoles. l manual external stainless steel tapered flag pole mainly rely on flag ropes or outer pulleys to control the lifting flag, or achieve banner positioning. This flagpole is more traditional, and is generally used in schools or squares. The stainless steel tapered electric flagpole has the same appearance as the stainless steel tapered flagpole. It is mainly composed of 360 degree downwind rotating top ball base plate, hanging pole, direction beads, stainless steel rope, electric operated winch device, electric control system and remote control system. The stainless steel electric flagpole is equipped with an electric flag-raising device based on the stainless steel tapered pole. The flag can be raised and lowered by remote control, and the national anthem can be synchronized. As a modified version of the manual flagpole, the stainless steel automatic raise tapered flag pole saves labor and maintenance costs.
Relative information about electric flagpole
Electric flagpole accessories: Top finial,SS hanging poles,Direction beads,Stainless steel rope,Handle,Electric winch,Powder Supply,Flagpole base
Electric flagpole surface treatment:
Satin brushed finished,Gold titanium finished,Red anti-brass finished,Clear anodized finished,Powder coat finished.

The package of electric flagpole:
1.Use plastic bag as first layer of packing;
2.Use bubble sheet as second layer of packing;
3.Use PE sheet as third layer of packing;
4.Use carton for accessories;
5.If the poles are ship in the LCL container,it will need the wooden case to protect them from being damaged during shipment.

For the electric flagpole installation,we have six main steps:
1. Install the embedded bolts.
2. Install the top finial ball.
3. Use crane to lift up and install the flag pole on to the base plate, fasten and lock & tighten with 4 nuts.
4. Install the hanging poles and electric winch.
5. Adjust the vertical angle of the flagpole so that the flagpole is completely perpendicular to the ground.
6. Having the lift test to ensure the normal operation of the flagpole.

The electric flagpole driven movement replaces the manpower to raise the flag to the designated position at the top of the flagpole. It can be remotely controlled by setting the whole process. It can be remotely controlled. A flag-raising device and transmission device. The lifting rope is not easy to entangle, the power is small, no noise, the rope movement is flexible, assembly Simple, high transmission efficiency. With power failure emergency function. When the electric flagpole encounters power failure, the user can opens the movement operation door with the key, and uses the alternate hand crank to crank the core to complete the flag raising or lowering the flag.