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How Far Apart Should Bollards Be Placed?

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:12/21/2019

                                                         A Guide to Bollard Spacing and Site Planning


Bollard spacing according to site requirements


Another important aspect of the stainless steel bollards planning is the distance between the bollards. Bollards are usually installed in a row to increase visual awareness and protect a larger perimeter. In these cases, how far apart should the bollards be from each other and from the curb? How does bollards spacing affect their integrity? Read on to learn how site requirements directly affect the bollard spacing.


Storefront or building protection

When protecting valuable storefronts and their internal personnel, impact-resistant bollards are often recommended. Stainless Steel safety bollard are often used. However, due to the rough appearance, a decorative bollards cover is used on the top to add attractive design features. They can be matched to blend with the building's architectural design or corporate color scheme. When planning your site, you must examined the speed and congestion of traffic and building orientation.


Recommended Bollard Spacing

In areas where frequent pedestrian traffic is expected, consider the Americans with Disabilities Act when planning your venue. All pedestrians, including those in wheelchairs and motorized chairs, must maintain sufficient spacing between bollards posts.
Keep at least 3 feet between each bollards post. In the case of fluted or solar bollards light designs, make sure the distance is measured from the bollard 's furthest protrusion. However, the distance between each bollard must not exceed 5 feet, otherwise the ability of bollard to protect against a car will be damaged.

Bollard in front of the store
Keep 3 to 5 feet between the fixed bollards to allow pedestrians to pass but prevent vehicle intrusion.


storefront stainless steel bollard spacing

Campus and school ground safety

Bollards are an effective way to mark the end of vehicle traffic and the start of the start of pedestrian-only areas within school grounds and campuses. Place them in the school bus area, where parents pick up and drop off, near the school entrance or on the top of the long staircase. It also increases campus security as suspicious vehicles will be banned from entering. By using removable bollards, temporary access for service, transport or emergency vehicles will be allowed, while unauthorized entry is prohibited. To accommodate students and teachers cycling to school, consider using a stainless steel bicycle bollard.

Recommended Bollard Spacing
Pedestrian access areas must follow a standard bollard spacing of 3 to 5 feet between each bollards post. Fire lanes and passages must allow for emergency vehicles to enter,so removable bollards are a better choice. Bicycle bollards should use the same spacing format as regular stainless steel bollards. When measuring, be sure to measure between the farthest extension of the bicycle lock arm.The furthest extension from the bicycle's lock arm, space the bicycle bollards 3 to 5 feet apart.

stainless steel bike bollard spacing

Sidewalk safety and calm traffic

Street bollards are a part of a traffic calming strategy that improves driving safety. On crosswalks and sidewalks, they provide drivers with visual cues near the curb and form a physical barrier between pedestrians and vehicles. They are also useful on median islands and curb extensions (areas where sidewalks is extended), which can reduce pedestrian crossing distance and allowing them to see approaching vehicles better.


Recommended Bollard Spacing

It is recommended that bollards be placed 1.5 feet behind the curb in areas where the vehicle may be parked alongside the curb. If there is no parking lot in the area where the bollard is to be placed, the bollard can be installed immediately adjacent to the curb. The distance between the bollards should be between 3 and 5 feet, sufficient to allow pedestrian access and wheelchair access, but close enough to prevent vehicles from entering. Always pay attention to local regulations and ordinances.

stainless steel bollard sapcing from curb



Parking lot security

Removable bollards can help guide traffic in congested areas, such as parking lots where it is difficult to find effective traffic flow. Appropriate traffic control at the entrance and exit of the parking lot can reduce the confusion that can lead to accidents. Removable bollards provide clear boundaries and separate access lanes, limiting the opportunity for cars to enter the wrong lane. They can also be used to mark the end of a parking space to prevent the driver from falling into the wall. Removable bollard’ s height and color stand out in a parking environment where many disturbances exist. Parking Bollards can also protect parking infrastructure, such as ticket machines and officer booths.

Recommended Bollard Spacing

The bollards used to demarcate lanes in the parking lot do not require pedestrians to exit, so the bollards can be spaced closely if needed. Site planners can make appropriate decisions based on site requirements and security. If bollards are used to identify crosswalks in the parking lot, the distance between the bollards should be between 3 and 5 feet. This creates sufficient space for pedestrian and wheelchair access, but does not allow vehicles to pass.

For bollards used to mark the end of parking spaces, two bollards are usually installed per parking space. They should be centered within the width of the parking space and spaced between 4.5 and 5 feet.

parking bollard spacing


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