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Manual External Halyard Flagpole

Well-known as one of the leading China aluminium flagpole factory and stainless steel flagpole factory in this field, we are supplying different material flagpoles to meet customers demands. Manual external halyard flag pole is the most choice when it comes to commercial grade flagpoles. This type of our flag poles has an absolute advantage, as they are extremely affordable, durable,light-weight, aesthetics, enough to ship, install, rigged and maintain easily. If you are ready to choose flagpole for your home, business, school, government office, or for commercial grade, this is the most appropriate type you should consider.
YAOLONG Pole is a professional manufacturer for stainless steel/aluminum/fiberglass flag poles,aims to provides high-quality, high-cost performance, aluminum flagpoles. As a And all of our flagpoles will have strict quality control, make sure every pole is in good quality before shipment.
Our external halyard flag poles are equipped with all hardware needed for a complete installation. For example, the conical tapered aluminum and stainless steel flagpole come with a dia cast aluminium external halyard, stainless steel pulley that makes customers to raise the flags solemnly in the ceremony and maintain the flagpole easily. You just only need to supply simple material such as concrete, sand and gravel. Poles under 35 feet in height can often be installed with manual labor. For flagpoles over 40ft in height, a crane or lift is recommended for standing the pole. To find the proper flag pole for your application, you need to the correct wind speeding rating for your local area of the country. If you don’t see the product you want as follow or you want to customize the flagpoles, you can send a message to the e-mail at . If we are not online at the time you are shopping, you can also call us at 86-757-83131237. We are willing to answer any problem with our aluminum flagpole as soon as possible.