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Manual Internal Halyard Flagpole

As a leading aluminium flagpole manufacturers, Yaolong has experienced in manufacturing aluminium flagpole, tapered flag pole, etc. If you are looking for an internal system flagpole, you may have noticed right away that internal halyard flagpoles tend to be more expensive than external halyard flagpoles. But the higher price makes the better quality, they are worth the cost. Yaolong is a leading aluminum flagpole supplier in the industry. We commit to providing top-quality, cost-effective and aesthetics aluminum, internal halyard, commercial flagpoles.
Yaolong flagpole manufacturers mainly provide two types of internal flagpoles, one is a manual internal halyard flagpole, and the other is electric-operated internal flagpole. We mainly use two kinds of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy as the raw material of the flagpole.Stainless steel flagpole has high cost performance, strong pressure resistance,also is one of the best selling products of Yaolong flagpole manufacturers.Aluminium flag pole,in addition to its strong corrosion resistance, the aluminium flag pole is characterized by its light weight and easy installation. The material is environmentally friendly and recoverable.
With the advancement of modern society, people are increasingly demanding the construction of infrastructure. People no longer pursue cheap products like before.In contrast,they are change their mind.Customers are increasingly inclined to buy high-end and durable flagpole products, such as craft products- aluminium flag pole. Aluminium flagpoles are not only in demand in China, but also sell well all around the world. Therefore, In order to meet the market demand, abundant consumer choice, Yaolong flagpole manufacturers  increased the cost of research and development, procurement and production of aluminium flag pole to provide customers with the highest quality products. Our manual internal halyard flagpoles are also mainly made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
Security is the primary benefits of internal cable halyards that YAOLONG flagpole manufacturers concerns, the mechanical manual operated winch entire is enclosed inside the pole whether the flag is fully raised or lower. And raising or lowering the flag requires a special winch handle. Further, the opening for this winch handle often has a locking cover. These features all can avoid any damage and looks more elegant. There’s also the question of product life span, the cable that yaolong offers is often extremely strong, stainless steel rope, and the cable is enclosed inside the flagpole when the flag raises,to avoid stainless steel, aircraft cable is exposed to the elements.
For reasons of durability and security, Yaolong most popular stainless steel and aluminum tapered manual internal halyard pole is generally the recommended choice. If you want to know more information, you can send an e-mail to , or make a free phone call at  86-757-83131237. Our friendly staff will explain the options and benefits.