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Street Banner And Advertising Flagpole,Yaolong Flagpole Company
street banner and advertising flagpole

Street Banner And Advertising Flagpole

  • Model No.: YSB-42
  • MOQ: 1 pc
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram payments, PayPal
  • Delivery Method: By air / sea / land transportation
  • Design: OEM / ODM / Customized

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If you're looking for portable banner advertising poles and stands, you've come to the right place! At, we have a wide variety of banner hanging systems, including banner stand displays, street banner advertising pole, indoor banner pole for ceremony, adjustable vertical banner stands, and much more!


Advertising Banners draw consumer’s eyes and attention, and are one of the most cost-effective ways to spend advertising dollars. Yaolong flagpole company has smart business people need to have their own Advertising Banner system. From variety of styles of  Advertising Banner banner systems, to hardware. It's simple and easy to install and maintain .
The street banner advertising pole is 6 meter high with a 3mm wall thickness,and 60mm at the bottom diameter.

Top finial:

Removable stainless steel flag top finial


The pole shaft is made from stainless steel 304.It is 3 meter high and has 60 mm diameter at the bottom.


The banner is provided upon request,or choose from your flag banner.

Installation way:

The advertising flag pole is stand with a base plate. Base plate is fabricated from stainless steel  ASTM A240.


Our standard stainless steel flag pole is Natural Aluminum finish; however, we provide 5 other colors at extra charge.


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