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As a leading professional stainless steel pole suppliers - Yaolong provides a huge variety of stylish outdoor architectural products, including commercial and architectural flagpoles, street light poles, garden light poles, landscape light poles, traffic light poles, bollard lights, security bollards, aluminium flag pole, and so on. The material of light columns and flag poles we manufacture includes stainless steel and aluminum alloy. These two materials can be well complemented according to the different application and environment. We manufacture and market tubular aluminum light pole for use in street and garden lighting, decorative streetscape lighting, traffic signage and solar lighting. Besides, we produce aluminium and stainless steel flagpoles for use in government, sports event stadiums, schools, hotels, airports, convention centers and malls.

Next, Yaolong aluminium flagpole manufacturers will introduce our main products and brand strength in detail.

At present, we mainly have two large-scale aluminium light pole factories, which are specially used to produce or process aluminum alloy poles, such as aluminium street light pole, aluminum light pole, aluminium flag pole, etc. We have imported sophisticated spinning machine from Germany, Japan, etc that allows pole shaft spun with uniform conical taper. In addition, We have advanced laser cutting machines, which are specially used to cut door flame of the pole and surface patterns of stainless steel led bollard and so on.

The products mentioned above are also our best-selling products. For example, the monthly sales volume of aluminum alloy poles and aluminium flag pole has reached 2000pcs. Our aluminum light poles are made of high-quality aluminium alloy 6063 and heat treated to produce a T6 temper. Hardness is comparable to stainless steel pole and aluminum pole is more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel. Moreover, aluminum light pole has a rich surface finish. Aluminium alloy color with satin brushed finish is the color we highly recommend, and it is also the surface that customers most often choose. Of course, additional finished and color are provided at a surcharge. The high-quality aluminium flag pole is one of the products that Yaolong has always been proud of, not only because it’s quality o has won the praise of customers, but because Yaolong has been focusing on aluminum alloy flagpole products since the beginning of the registered brand. The flagpole has already made the brand of Yaolong aluminium flagpole manufacturers famous in China. In the future, our high-quality aluminum alloy flagpole will make Yaolong famous in the world and make China more respected.

As the leading stainless steel pole manufacturer in China, Yaolong is mainly engaged in stainless steel light column, stainless steel flag pole, stainless steel bollard, stainless steel sanitary tubes, etc. We mainly use stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316L. Stainless steel light columns are rich in shape, wide in variety and good in corrosion resistance. They are generally used in seaside or wet places where high corrosion resistance is required. Taking into account the urgent needs of customers, and the hot-sales of stainless steel products, we have prepared enough raw materials. Furthermore, we have prepared a stock of 2000pcs of the conventional light pole. If you have a requirement for your project, yaolong stainless steel pole suppliers can Yaolong can provide you with detailed solutions.

Big flag pole is often used in the look of Central Park, corporate headquarters, city squares, stadiums or any other architectural center. The large flag pole not only represents the symbol and image of a city but also represents the majesty and strength of a country. At present, the highest flagpole is 165 meters, solemnly standing in Tajikistan. It is worth mentioning that the 100-meter stainless steel tall flag pole produced by Yaolong has been installed in Saudi Arabia. In the future, Yaolong will strive to develop a highly challenging flagpole and contribute to the image building of countries around the world.

Please remember that we are not only a seller of flagpole poles, but also is stainless steel bollards manufacture. Although the stainless steel road pile products are newly developed products of Yaolong in the past ten years, our technical experts and production equipment have more quality than other competitors. And we have a team dedicated to R&D, production and sales of the bollard. With many years of experiences, we have accumulated expert acknowledge of this field. Whether looking for attractive, durable, functional stainless steel bollard or more, Yaolong stainless steel bollard supplier offers top quality products at affordable prices. If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call at +86-757-83131237 or send the mail to

YAOLONG is dedicated to design, manufacture, deliver and install high-end modern outdoor architectural products. We strive to provide cost-effective flagpoles, aluminum light poles and safety bollards for engineering contractors and suppliers around the world.

In the past 15 years, Yaolong has completed many prestigious world-class projects, including Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Exposition, Tian An Men Gate Tower, Fina International Swimming Championships, Abu Dhabi New International Airport, Oman Muscat New International Airport and the Presidential Palace of Turkmenistan. We have a great capacity to customize the pole and bollard products for your projects.