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Smart Light Pole For Smart City,Yaolong light Pole Manufacturer
smart light pole for smart city

Smart Light Pole For Smart City

  • Model No.: YLSL-1
  • MOQ: 1 pc
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram payments, PayPal
  • Delivery Method: By air / sea / land transportation
  • Design: OEM / ODM / Customized

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Yaolong Smart Light Pole uses LED technology and centralized control to reduce energy use and cost. The deployment of the network will ensure efficient street lamp maintenance and management. Smart Street light pole is a sensor network infrastructure that efficiently collects data about cities based on requests from various organizations. The system can be used to create safe and reliable cities, improve the convenience of residents and visitors, and extract and analyze data to revitalize and develop cities.

This smart light pole is made from aluminum 6063 with muti-funtional function,it is 12 meter tall and can be fixed with various kind of luminaries.

Pole design:

The smart light pole can be customized as per the client’s needs to provide a more multi-functional structure. ,you can choose the function that mention above for the pole,or provided the chart ,Yaolong light pole manufacturer can customized for your project.

Main Function

Wifi hot spot

Connecting to the Internet becomes a public and an easily accessible property. Any Wi-Fi signal from our transmitter will fl ow through every smart pole.

Public address loudspeaker

Warnings, reports. With this built-in speaker you will never miss any important information.

Wireless phone-charger

Let you charge your mobile phone while you are waiting for a bus. The wireless charger will take care of everything.

SOS button

Are you in real trouble and need help? One push of this button will tell the rescue services that something is wrong.

RGB status light

The smart pole determines when it needs to be repaired. One of three colors indicates the status of the device.


The basis of security in each city is a system of security cameras that monitor the streets.

Touch panel

Touch panel to find the information you need. It includes, for example, a clear map of the city.

Motion radar

The sensor built into the body of the pole serves to detect the movement of people around you. This switches on the light only if it is really needed.

Electric vehicle charge socket

The time of electric cars is knocking on the door. Charging ahead of the long journey has never been easier than with our smart light pole

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smart city light pole

Smart Street Light Pole

aluminum smart city pole

Aluminum Smart City Pole

smart light pole for smart city

Smart Light Pole For Smart City