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Smart Light Pole

Smart light poles are not only used as an important connection source that can be remote management, but also as a technology that improves the performance of mobile networks throughout the city. Smart poles can be installed without affecting normal city activities (such as car and pedestrian traffic), and because they are a two-in-one solution (an interconnected device that provides the necessary light without taking up extra space) ), so smart city poles have become a reality. Digital real estate called the Internet of Things.
  Additionally, smart street light poles will make mobile wireless carriers' networks more dense, providing suppliers with new possibilities to find the right location. Because street light poles are ubiquitous in urban landscapes, mobile broadband infrastructure can be extended beyond traditional sites, a key factor in the development of heterogeneous networks.
Yaolong light pole manufacturers can customize these high standard multi-functional street structures to beautify the city streets according to the requirements of customers and local government authorities.
Yaolong's newly developed smart light pole has a variety of functions and structures. what makes our poles different is, its versatility and look.
Some highlights of the Smart City Poles:

Flexible LED Light arms
Provision to fit Wi-Fi antennae, environmental sensors and emergency announcement systems
Provision for Surveillance Cameras
Provision for Electrical Vehicle Charging
Water resistant 19” cabinet rack to support battery bank, power bank, BTS (Base Transceiver Station), etc.
Flexibility to host multiple cellular operators and many more
Technology proven camouflaging material is used, antennae are camouflaged with RF transparent material which is UV resistant and durable.
Digital banners for messaging and advertising.
Ease of installation and maintenance.
These Smart City Poles are UV Resistant and are available in various colours and designs to match the requirements of the surroundings.
Provision for billboards and hoardings.
These Smart City poles can be customized as per the client’s needs to provide a more multi-functional structure. To learn more about CPL Smart Poles follow this link. ( we have the link go to the brochure or maybe more info from Sansi private labeled for CPL.