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Smart Street Light Pole,Yaolong Light Pole Manufacturers

Smart Street Light Pole

  • Model No.: YLS-41
  • MOQ: 1 pc
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram payments, PayPal
  • Delivery Method: By air / sea / land transportation
  • Design: OEM / ODM /Customized

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This is a made to order product.Yaolong Light pole manufacturer can provide customize service if the quantity is above 5 pcs.The Smart light pole is a new product that we recently invent.Currently this product is still under development, and strive to design more new products.Welcome every supplier ,wholesaler to share the idea about smart light pole.
The aim to make smart light pole:

1.High flexibility

Smart lighting is able to promptly communicate with the
control unit, to react and adapt to the light intensity


By reducing the energy consumed by lighting we are able to
greatly reduce the impact on nature and the environment.


Thanks to the use of modern LED lights, it is possible to save
a lot of the operating costs each year for the operation of
each smart lamp.


The new lights saves electricity by using more energy-efficient LED light sources and it is also set to reduce the lighting intensity by use of the time program. This can be changed at any time by the software that can also be set and configured. Of course the lamps are divided into groups, but you can control each lamp individually. The system is therefore highly variable, and it will recover the cost. All communication is secured by the local independent BTS station. It is conveniently positioned to ensure seamless communication with intelligent components installed directly on the smart light columns.

Main Function:

Wifi hot spot
Connecting to the Internet becomes a public and an easily accessible property. Any Wi-Fi signal from our transmitter will fl ow through every smart pole.

Public address loudspeaker
Warnings, reports. With this built-in speaker you will never miss any important information.

Wireless phone-charger
Let you charge your mobile phone while you are waiting for a bus. The wireless charger will take care of everything.

SOS button
Are you in real trouble and need help? One push of this button will tell the rescue services that something is wrong.

RGB status light
The smart pole determines when it needs to be repaired. One of three colors indicates the status of the device.

The basis of security in each city is a system of security cameras that monitor the streets.

Touch panel
Touch panel to find the information you need. It includes, for example, a clear map of the city.

Motion radar
The sensor built into the body of the pole serves to detect the movement of people around you. This switches on the light only if it is really needed.
Electric vehicle charge socket

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