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Stainless Steel Fixed Bollard

  Yaolong’s wide range of stainless steel of base plate and in ground bollard have been design and manufactured in compliance with the leading industry requirements and design aspects.Made from AISI stainless steel ,these covers protect steel pipe security posts from corrosion and wear while increasing visibility. Aesthetically,our bollard range is suitable for commercial,private and industrial uses.Stainless steel bollards in 304 material with a satin finish is one of the most common products on the market.  

   Yaolong range of stainless steel 304 bollards are ideal for a wide range of environment but are most commonly used in car parks,lobby entrances, general factory,airport,pathway,etc.

  Stainless steel 316 bollards are the highest corrosive-resistant material, low maintenance material that we recommend used in there place where it needs high resistance to corrosion and weathering requirements. It design for maximises pedestrian flows, is ideal for sporting venues ,university campuses ,and shopping centers where high volumes of pedestrian traffic are possible.

  Before the final dispatch,our highly trained staff will strictly checked on various parameters and quality control process, to ensure to produce the highest quality. With 14 years’ experience in the construction industry,yaolong knows the needs of the industry,innovate constantly,not only provide wide range of high quality product,but can customized depend on modern building requirements.

Yaolong stainless steel bollards manufacturers offer a wide range of high-quality, China-manufactured bollards, including our range of stainless steel bollards. With years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on the quality of the bollards we manufacture. Yaolong stainless steel bollards manufacturers offer you a complete choice of products which include stainless steel bollards, stainless steel safety bollards, steel road bollards, stainless steel traffic bollards, and stainless steel security bollards.

Whether you’re looking for bollards to directing traffic entrance or protecting buildings and pedestrians from roadways, yaolong stainless steel bollards suppliers can provide high strength stainless steel bollards ideally suited to the task. Cost-effective and easy to maintain, yaolong stainless steel manufacturers’ range of stainless steel bollards can help you create a physical and visual barrier for security and safety.

Our stainless-steel bollards are fixed firmly into place with bolts or cement for permanent security. We stock designs that can be removable allow access when needed or temporarily removed by lifting out from the ground. We stock attractive designs that make our stainless steel bollards suitable for use in residential and commercial areas.

In addition to our elegant brushed steel finishes, we also stock polished steel for professional good looks. Some bollards can be fitted with reflective strips for high visibility, and we have designs that can be illuminated at night.

For more information on our stainless steel bollards, or any of the other bollards offered within our extensive range, you can click the 'contact us ’ button at the bottom right, our friendly bollard experts will answer all the question about the product.

At along stainless steel bollards, manufacturers only sell the most cost-effective stainless steel bollards. Our huge range of products means you will find just what you need, whatever your budget, just contact us!


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•    Made from stainless steel for strength
•    Suitable for providing security, car-parks and protecting against accidental collisions
•    Available in brushed steel or polished steel
•    Fixed in place with bolts or cement
•    Can be laid flat, removed or retracted into the ground to allow access when required
•    High visibility designs available
•    Choose from a wide range that suits all budgets

Due to their cost, most stainless steel bollards are actually covers that go over regular steel bollards. Stainless steel is much more expensive than bare or even galvanized steel.Consider the cost, we recommend that you use regular or galvanized steel for the bollard with a stainless steel bollard cover.However,if you have a budget,we highly recommend that you use a stainless steel bollard.Stainless steel bollards provide the best looking and most durable parking posts for important buildings, parks and streets landscapes.

Many of our customers are fond of the high aesthetic of stainless steel bollards, but many of them aren't sure about what options are available or how to choose the suitable bollard for them according the requirement.
There are 5 things to consider with stainless steel bollard:
yaolong stainless steel bollard manufacturers speak:

304 or 316 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is made in 2 types: 304 and 316. If you live near saltwater or where salt is used in the winter, we strongly recommend 316 stainless steel. It is made with molybdenum, which changes it to Marine Grade Stainless. It resists corrosion much better than 304. If no salt present, use 304. It is less expensive.
The overall size of the bollard

What diameter would look best or best serve your purpose
What is the total length you require, sometimes it's best to check the local code to determine how much of the bollard must be buried below grade.

Flat, Dome or Slanted Top

Flat top bollards invite sitting, birds (and their gifts), and empty bottles. It also allows the residue from rain to accumulate, which can contain toxic substances. We recommend either a dome or slant top instead, as they discourage other uses.

In either case, we can get you a quote in one business day.
There are so many different configurations that we ask you to fill out a quick quote or call 86-757-83131-237 with your specs. Yaolong stainless steel bollard supplier will get you a quick quote including shipping, usually by the next business day. Lead time is usually 4-6 weeks. All are can custom fabricated.

The Definition Of Bollard

  • A bollard is a short post used to create a protective or architectural perimeter. When installed primarily as a visual guide, bollards guide traffic and mark boundaries. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles to accentuate or visually stand out in their settings. Bollards can also be constructed to physically block vehicle incursion, protecting people and property. These security bollards may have decorative elements or be chosen to complement the landscape, but their primary consideration is resistance to impact forces. Bollards can be made from almost any material, depending on their needed function, but the most common bollards are metal, stone, cement, or plastic.

The original of Fixed bollards

The term "bollard" first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary of 1844 and describes the post used to connect the mooring line of a marine vessel. The etymology is unclear, but it is likely to come from the word "bole", which means tree trunk. Over time, the term has been extended to include posts for directing pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Although the word is only two hundred years old, the bollards have existed for thousands of years. Some of the oldest surviving bollards can be traced back to the Roman Empire, where carved stone columns were used as captive columns outside the building, as well as milestones along the sides of the road.

The application of fixed bollards 

  • The fixed bollards have become a ubiquitous part of the modern infrastructure. Planners and architects use them to manage pedestrian and vehicle traffic, enhance landscapes and buildings, light sidewalks, protect buildings and people, and provide bicycle parking. The stainless steel fixed bollards are now also used indoors and in warehouses to protect assets.

    The kind of fixed bollards

  • Visual guides for traffic and landscaping
    Traffic fixed bollards are used to direct traffic towards the appropriate area while ensuring a clear view and allowing pedestrians to enter. They can guide the car by creating road partitions or prevent access to restricted areas such as bicycle lanes, public plazas and traffic islands. On roads without curbs, they can be used to prevent vehicles from deviating from the street. Sometimes stainless steel traffic bollards are used in conjunction with other modes of traffic calming, such as speed humps or one-way streets, to prevent vehicles from trying to avoid other traffic management elements.
    Stainless steel Pedestrian Bollards 
    In many landscapes and properties, decorative fixed bollards are used to define different pedestrian areas. A series of stainless steel bollards around the building define the perimeter and add architectural style. The fixed bollards can be used to contain a playground or park for ease of use but is not recommended for use as a passage. When attached to a chain, a series of fixed bollards encourage pedestrians to remain on the marked path without forming a closed barrier that blocks all intersections. Stainless steel bollards lights can be lined up at night. Solar lighting is becoming the most common form of stainless steel bollards because each unit can operate on its own and with less maintenance.
    Construction Bollards
    In the road construction area, temporary bollards can be placed to define and protect the work area from traffic. These bollards are usually made of soft, brightly colored plastic, wrapped around a reflective tape and placed on a detachable rubber base. They are usually closely spaced to provide a continuous visual edge for oncoming traffic.

  • Safety bollard
    Stainless steel bollards are also a visual guide for pedestrians and traffic, but are additionally constructed to resist vehicle impact. Many security bollards are made of stainless steel and filled with concrete, but the aesthetics of the area can be decorated with paint or a wider style, with a pillar cover (link down). In general, the base of the substrate and the safety bollard is an essential part of its impact resistance: a strong security bollard set poorly will provide little resistance. Therefore, engineering supervision is essential for impact-resistant bollards. Different applications will also have different impact resistance requirements.

The role of stainless steel bollards 

  • Protect the people

    Playgrounds near parking lots, parks next to sharp turns in the road, outdoor patios by busy roads: these are just some of the places where security bollards may help prevent accidents from becoming tragedies. Stainless steel bollards and concrete bollards of various widths can be matched to the speed of the vehicle and the distance from the pedestrian zone to the road.

    Protect vulnerable building components

    Stainless steel fixed bollards are usually installed in front of vulnerable building or areas to minimize damage in the event of an accident. Their designs usually do not with the idea there will be purposeful attack against them , so the recommended diameter for filling concrete with steel pipes is usually specified. In some jurisdictions, fragile gases or water meters require to have safety bollards in bright colors installed as barrier post around them. Similar stainless steel bollards are often placed in front of fragile or historic architectural features that are less likely to cause hostile attention, but may be vulnerable to uncontrolled vehicles.

    Bicycle parking

    The bicycle parking bollard is prompted by the mooring function of the marine bollards, providing a hitching post for safe short-term bicycle locking. They typically have a rear arm shape with two bicycle locking arms surrounding the center post. Modern designs sometimes specify a U-lock or chain that is allowed to passage through the post. Bicycle stainless steel bollards do double duty for the organization and the company in which they are installed: like all fixed bollards, they can help with vehicle or pedestrian traffic management, but they also attract cycling customers, encourage sustainability, and reduce the obstruction and damage that can come from improperly parked bikes.

    Asset protection

    Asset Protection stainless steel bollards are equipment used in indoor applications to protect retail properties and people. They are usually made of stainless steel or composite plastic. Common uses for asset protection bollards include fixed the corners of refrigeration units, warehouse shelves, automated teller machines, and retail shelves. They can effectively warn potentially dangerous people and customers. Asset protection fixed bollards are usually only fitted with anchor bolts and therefore do not provide a high level of impact resistance. They are designed at most to protect goods from carts, dollies and manual cleaning equipment.

The design of stainless steel bollards

  • When designing a bollard device, whether it is mainly used for pedestrian-only areas, traffic management, safety and security, or asset protection, there are various aspects to consider. What is your budget? Which materials are best in terms of climate and required function? Do they need to be detachable, retractable, or your bollard permanent landscape facility? If they are struck by a vehicle, should they bend, break, cause damage or stop the vehicle? How will your bollards fit in with the landscape or architecture? All of these aspects take into account your bollard design.

    Traditional design

    The bollards have a marine and military history, and from these roots they develop traditional ,formal designs that complement many architectural styles. These traditional fixed bollards are usually finished in black and made of iron and are highly decorative parts of the land or street landscape. Even though these traditional fixed bollards are not mounted in a way to to be impact resistant to vehicle, they still provide a sturdy and serious looking and can be a confident visual deterrent.

    Modern design

    Contemporary architectural styles often require modern bollard designs. The bollard is available in a variety of lengths, widths, colors and materials to match any image. Whether it's a stylish stainless steel bollards in the pedestrian-only area, a set of cobblestone concrete bollards to protect the shopping plaza, or a tall yellow plastic bollard to protect the external gas or water meter, various bollard options give planners many choices to suit their site. 

    Fixed Bollard Styles

    • Stainless steel bollard light

      Bollards powered by solar panels or placed on the grid can be installed to provide light along the walkway. Bollards used for vehicular traffic are typically not illuminated because the bollard height is too short to illuminate a sufficiently large area, but reflective surfaces are common in traffic-specific applications.

      Art bollard

      Because they are a common element in modern landscapes, bollards have become the focus of artists. Some art bollards are designed for extra impact, such as bollards designed to look like children in school areas. Other bollard designs are purely whimsical or uniquely decorated.

      Impact resistance

      Flexible bollard

      Flexible bollard are design to not cause damage to vehicles that hit them.The polyurethane bollard bends during impact, with little damage to either car or bollards, and bounces back after the vehicle moves away. These flexible bollards are usually located in the parking lot, used as parking poles or to guide traffic. Cutting one will tell the driver to return to the position, otherwise it will not slow down or stop the car. They are occasionally used for median or as a lane separator.
      Knocking or rebounding the bollards is not flexible in the guard cylinder, but sits on a flexible base. The studs are typically made of hard, high-visibility plastic and are designed to be easily replaced when the vehicle crashes. They are often used as lane scribes for highways or other busy areas of traffic.

      Low impact bollard

      Low-impact bollards provide little braking force to impacting vehicles, but can cause minor damage at normal traffic speeds. Many metal or concrete decorative bollards by themselves would not stop the vehicle , but they can damage the car's body during a collision. Drivers often take extra precautions to avoid hitting inflexible, low-impact bollards, even if they are not crash secure . Compared to high impact bollards, low impact bollards offer a wider range of mounting options, including concrete anchors, anchor castings and bolted joints.

      High impact bollard

      Highly impact resistant bollards that operate independently or with a decorative cover can prevent vehicles from crashing into them. These safety bollards are usually constructed of deep-embedded steel tubes that are filled and surrounded by cement. Engineers supervise the installation of these safety bollards to ensure that the substrates and ground around the installation is supportive of collision protection. Most high-strength installations are designed to prevent accidents and are selected based on the diameter of the pipe, taking into account the speed and type of traffic in the area. For applications that may be undergoing a coordinated attack, such as a government building, the crash-rated bollard is designed to withstand one or more attacks on vehicles of different sizes and speeds.

Material of fixed bollards

A.Cast iron
Cast iron is the most common material from which traditional-styled bollards are constructed. It is a durable and traditional material that is used to decorate and enhance the building, making it the first choice for many applications. Cast iron bollards are heavy enough for stand-alone applications and can also be used as a cover for reinforced concrete safety posts. Standard cast iron is not as malleable as ductile iron and is more susceptible to cracking.

Steel is an iron alloy that is lighter and more resistant to impact than cast iron or ductile iron. Structural grade steels are commonly used in security bollards, filled with concrete,but standard steels are also commonly used to make decorative bollards for stand-alone applications, or bollard covers in safety bollards installation. Typically, steel bollards are machined from prefabricated materials rather than cast. If the steel is to be exposed, a powder coating is usually used to make it durable and prevent corrosion.

C.Stainless steel 
Stainless steel bollards have a stylish, functional and modern look. Stainless steel bollards have a high level of weather ability and can be used in applications where weather is a concern. The metal may be exposed in its apparent silver gray or can be powder coated with color to fit in with the surrounding aesthetic. Two grades of stainless steel are typically used.

304 stainless steel

304 stainless steel is often found in kitchens and bathrooms,as it is rust-proof  in water and clean well. Its strength and durability make it a common material for machined parts, automotive headers and screws. This grade of stainless steel is used for fixed bollards that are less exposed to corrosive elements.

316 stainless steel

In areas where the bollard must deal with large amounts of salt, 316 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance in both marine saltwater and in areas  where deicing chemicals are frequently used. 316 stainless steel bollards are often chosen to extend their service life.

Concrete can be used in conjunction with steel pipe bollards or embedded rebar to form impact-resistant safety bollards, or concrete can be formed separately to create attractive bollards that are suitable for certain architectural styles. Whether or not concrete bollards are installed for collision avoidance, the shape and inherent weight of the concrete make it a clear guide to traffic.

The lightweight and malleable aluminum makes it an ideal choice for removable ,decorative bollards. If it is dented or scratched, the oxidation of aluminum usually results in speckling in a similar shade, which is less noticeable than the high-contrast red rust that may be produced on iron or standard steel. Aluminum is easy to cast and machine. Different levels of durability and hardness can be achieved depending on the heat treatment used in the production.

Polyurethane is a polymer composite that makes a flexible bollard that is durable and UV resistant, maintaining integrity even in harsh weather conditions. When the function and cost take precedence over the architectural style, the Poly bollard is usually installed. Polyurethanes are commonly found in parking lots,along medians, and can be used for delineate lanes . Polyurethane is shatterproof, with striking colors, and dark shade for architectural applications. It is usually equipped with a reflective tape that provides maximum visibility under all conditions.

Finished of Fixed Bollard

Many devices choose to paint metal or wooden bollards to match the surrounding aesthetics and provide some degree of weathering or corrosion protection. This is an inexpensive solution that gives installers flexibility in color and detail. However, paint does require care; scratches in the paint or weather and deicing chemicals can cause oxidation of the metal bollards.
For metals, the finish with higher durability is powder coating. In this method, a factory applied powder coating is heat bonded to a metal. During the coating process, any bare metal attracts the powder and even eliminates pinholes in the pinhole size. Tough and durable, powder coated bollards require little in terms of  maintenance and deliver a long service life in typical local climates.


The bollard can be permanently attached to the dock like a cannon, degrading slowly over centuries, or as temporary as the bright orange plastic posts slung around a road crew before they start work in the morning. When changing urban areas, the bollards are usually required to be semi-permanent, so that they can be moved or removed to provide periodic or temporary access to the area, but they need sufficient partial settings to visually fit their position. . These removable bollards are usually fitted with mounting brackets so that the bollards can be moved but its mounting does not..

Portable bollard

Also known as contour sign posts, road workers often use temporary bollards to indicate traffic changes in the construction area. Portable bollards are taller than traffic cones, thus increasing the visibility of the workspace. They come in a variety of high-visibility colors, usually surrounded by reflective tape. Their rubber or plastic substrates are usually separated for storage.

Removable bollard

Removable bollards can be temporarily removed to allow the vehicle to enter a normally- restricted area. They have a base that is permanently mounted on the ground where a stainless steel bollard can be inserted and locked in place. If necessary, these bollards can be unlocked and pulled out allowing access for maintenance, delivery or emergency vehicles. Removable bollards are an ideal solution for replacing access applications and are generally more cost sensitive than retractable bollards. They are usually installed in parks, courtyards, alleys and other large venues such as stadiums. These bollards are available in a variety of materials, from steel to composite plastics. There are a variety of installation options for removable bollards in either new or existing concrete

Fixed bollard

The embedded bollards are permanently fixed in one position as part of the  structure site design of an outdoor space. These fixed bollards are made of durable or stainless steel and are usually both filled with and surrounded by concrete. If installed properly, they can provide asset security ,as well as being a visual guide and architecture supplement. Some fixed bollards are ordinary columns made of durable steel and concrete that are enhance with a decorative bollard cover. Provide a traditional, gorgeous, modern or high-visibility cover. The fixed bollards can also be purchased in modern stainless steel styles without the need for additional ornamentation.


Bollards can be installed separately to protect indoor or outdoor assets, but they are usually installed in groups. Placements is specific to the application and may be accompanied by company, municipal, or organizational guidelines. In general, from head on, the bollards will be spaced close enough to prevent the vehicle from passing but widely enough to allow pedestrians and bicycles to enter. Approaching from the side visually collapses the spaces between the bollards, drawing a line which announce the expected traffic behavior. Any bollard installation should check the jurisdictional regulations to determine if there are management expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Company Information
Yaolong is a company that continues to innovate and develop.Yaolong stainless steel bollard suppliers provides a huge variety of stylish outdoor architectural products, including commercial and architectural flagpoles, street light poles, garden light poles, stainless steel bollard,fixed bollards, security bollard,safety bollards.

Yaolong stainless steel bollard suppliers offer a wide range of security bollards to help control vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Stainless steel safety bollards can be used on sidewalks, driveways, pathways, playgrounds, in front of buildings and more. Find durable bollards made of stainless steel as well as decorative bollard covers and post sleeves in a variety of colors and styles. Find the type and size of security bollards that can fit your application at


Production team
Headquarters in foshan, Yaolong has set up 5 factories in China,total building size is about 40000㎡ with more than 200 employees.In addition,Yaolong stainless steel bollard suppliers is a modern enterprise which integrates R&D, design, production and distribution.

1.Specialized in stainless steel bollard over 10 years
2.ISO 9001 certificated
3.The quality of bollard can meet the requirement of PAS 68.
4.We have the most convenient transport and prompt delivery
5.Shipment of Goods: more than 50 countries worldwide.
6.We have served for hundreds of militory,governmental,commercial and school customers with products,solution and construction.
7.We have High technical production line with top quality products
8.Factory sale directly.We offer competitive price with best service.

Quality Control

Professional Welding Process
Our staffs got rich experience in welding for 20 years.Focus upon each detail to meet customer satisfaction.
High Machining Precision
All the steel parts are finished by heavy CNC laser cutting machine,which can ensure the precision .Tolerance controlling is always the most important part.

Rich export experience
Our company's main products are not only sold to domestic markets, but also exported to many countries like the United States,Canada,Australia,United Kingdom, Russia, Holland, Germany, Spain, UAE, Oman,Qatar,Saudi Arabia etc.

Q: Does Yaolong offer pricing discounts?
The prices we quoted are based on low-quantity orders. While this allows for easy ordering of our most popular items, price discounts are available when you request a quote from our project support team. This is especially the case for light poles and flagpole, as significant freight efficiencies can kick in at quantities as low as three units for some models.

We encourage lighting professionals and resellers to contact us for a quote on all projects to receive our best possible pricing at a given product quantity.
Q: Whether the stainless steel bollards need maintain?
There is often the misconception that Stainless Steel is Maintenance free, while a wonderful and attractive material we recommend our stainless steel bollards be cleaned 2-3 times a year to maintain them in pristine condition.
When the stainless steel bollards is placed in marine or hostile environments for a long time,there is also an increased possibility of corrosion occurring .Making the case for regular cleaning and or the application of a protective coating can keep the stainless steel bollards  from corrosion.
Q: What is the package of stainless steel bollards?
Each bollard is packed by weaving belt, about 30-50KG per bundle.
We can also pack it into big bundle 300-500KG for forklift loading.
Q: Do you have some big project of stainless steel bollards?
1.1500 PCS of stainless steel tapered bollards supplied to Australia.
2.2000 PCS bollards (custom top) for Abu Dhabi International Airport.
3.200 PCS bollards with Lusail logo supplied to Qatar.
4.800 PCS of 316L bollards with Abu Dhabi logo.
5.700 PCS bollards for Saudi Railway Station.
6.500 PCS bollards for Chevrolet 4s shop in USA.
7.270 PCS of stainless steel flat- top bollards Supplied to Singapore.
8.700 PCS of Stainless Steel Lighting Bollards For Saudi.
9.970 PCS of Stainless Steel Lighting Pole for Muscat Airport, Oman.
Q: What’s the care of the stainless steel 316l bollard?
316 stainless steel is extremely durable with anti-corrosion properties. Proper care and maintenance will ensure optimal performance over a long service life. Exposure to saline, chlorides, abrasive chemicals, or carbon steel will diminish stainless steel anti-corrosion properties and increase the risk of damage. Exercise caution when handling stainless steel products.

Pay attention to:
1. when you use stainless steel fixed bollard, you may need fittings to install completely, please remember do not use carbon steel or galvanized fasteners to install stainless steel products. Use only stainless steel components and tools to prevent contamination.
2. Do not weld, cut, drill, or grind carbon steel near stainless steel bollards. Because the resulting particles of carbon steel will contaminate stainless steel and lead to rust.
3. Do not use cleaning products containing chlorides or other abrasive chemicals. Chloride ions can corrode stainless steel products.
4. Do not allow chloride solutions or concrete detergents to contact stainless steel. If accidentally touch these, immediately rinse away with water. Wrap stainless steel when power washing nearby surfaces to prevent contact of concrete detergents.
5. Do not use abrasive brushes or scouring pads to wipe stainless steel. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or soft nylon brush unless specified otherwise. For heavier rust deposits, a nylon scouring pad may be required. To minimize alteration of stainless steel finishes, use only ultra-fine nylon pads and rub with the grain.
6. Do not clean stainless steel in direct sunlight or excessive temperatures.
7. Use clean gloves when handling stainless steel products.