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Stainless Steel Removable Bollard

Yaolong’s wide range of stainless steel of base plate and in ground bollard have been design and manufactured in compliance with the leading industry requirements and design aspects.Made from AISI stainless steel ,these covers protect steel pipe security posts from corrosion and wear while increasing visibility. Aesthetically,our bollard range is suitable for commercial,private and industrial uses.Stainless steel bollards in 304 material with a satin finish is one of the most common products on the market. 

   Yaolong range of stainless steel 304 bollards are ideal for a wide range of environment but are most commonly used in car parks,lobby entrances, general factory,airport,pathway,etc.

  Stainless steel 316 bollards are the highest corrosive-resistant material, low maintenance material that we recommend used in there place where it needs high resistance to corrosion and weathering requirements. It design for maximises pedestrian flows, is ideal for sporting venues ,university campuses ,and shopping centers where high volumes of pedestrian traffic are possible.

  Before the final dispatch,our highly trained staff will strictly checked on various parameters and quality control process, to ensure to produce the highest quality. With 14 years’ experience in the construction industry,yaolong knows the needs of the industry,innovate constantly,not only provide wide range of high quality product,but can customized depend on modern building requirements.