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Tall Flagpole

How many meters is the highest flagpole you have ever seen?20 meters?50 meters?80 meters?

Before 2008, the world's tallest flagpole was located in Independence Square in Malaysia. In the south of the square, this large flag pole and flag is the most important milestone in Malaysia's national history. It is a place that symbolizes Malaysia's separation from British colonial rule and national freedom. However, this history will soon be rewritten. According to media reports, in July 2008, Turkmenistan in Central Asia built a tall flag pole of which a height of 133 meters (equivalent to 45 stories) in its capital Ashgabat in half a month. The large flag pole’s bottom diameter is 3 meters and the flag is 52.5 meter, 35 meters wide, weighing 420 kilograms of flagpoles and flags. On the evening of August 30, 2011, Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon gave a speech in the capital city of Dushanbe, announcing that the world's tallest flagpole was built in the country.This tall flag pole is 165 meters high and is built near the National Palace in the city center of Dushanbe.Yaolong not only focuses on conventional flagpole products, but also has been working on the development of challenging tall flag pole.At present,YAOLONG flag pole manufacture can produce 100 meters high flagpole which currently install in Saudi Arabia.We have worked with many countries on large flag pole projects.

YAOLONG flag pole manufacture can produce 100 meters high flagpole which currently installs in Saudi Arabia.we won't be proud to produce such tall flagpole , but we will be proud of our high-quality large flag pole.The flagpole is a symbol and a milestone of a country.So to find the proper flag pole for your application,you need to select prudently .Yaolong stainless steel flagpole supplier provides a wide range of flagpoles which are manufactured using only the finest material.We are available in size from 20 feet to 340feet,if you have no idea in how to choose, we also can customize for your project. We commit to be from the perspective of customers, satisfy the height, at the same time, strictly control the high quality of the tall flag pole.That's why our tall flag pole and big flag pole are more and more popular among the Middle East and other countries. Our unique technology combines the Germany design which does not only make tall flagpole stronger than the traditional, but more aesthetically pleasing. Our surface treatment paint is specifically formulated for larger poles so that it will look new for years longer than our competitors and you can choose the surface color you like. Our professionals have 14 years of experience installing nationwide, so you don't have to worry about finding a qualified, experienced contractor, we can come to you!Just send you questions to email to