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Traffic Light Pole

Constructed to effectively control and direct the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic is an ever-evolving challenge. That’s why you need traffic structure--work day in, and day out to maintain the order of the transportation. The traffic light poles used in streets, parks, walkways and in many other areas,have a large demand in the market.
Yaolong has emerged as one of the popular manufacturer and supplier of traffic aluminium light poles in the industry over 14 years, we are highly experienced in crafting custom-made traffic signal poles that meet the unique requirements of our client’s construction project
whatever you need structures that are simple, functional, durable, meticulously crafted and enhance the environment where they are installed or the product cost effective and modern appearance.
As leading aluminium light pole factory, YAOLONG is trustworthy manufacturer has provided the resource for Department of Transportation traffic and signal lighting poles built to the exact specifications of individual states and municipalities. The aluminium traffic signal light pole can be supplied with a satin brush finish, anodized finish, galvanized finish and powder coated finish in a decorative urban application, and our traffic poles are available in both single, double and outreach arm arrangements and also can install multiple traffic single according customized requirement.
Whether looking for attractive, durable, functional traffic signal light or more, Yaolong technical team offer top quality products at affordable prices. If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call at +86-757-83131237 or send the-mail to