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Types And Characteristic Of Flagpoles

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:12/18/2019


Buying a flagpole is not necessarily a complicated process. Yaolong Flagpole company has more than 16 years of experience and can guide customers through the purchase process of flagpoles. Our flagpole customer specialists will help you choose, buy and install the best flagpole for your location. We've included some suggestions below to consider what you should think about when choosing the flagpole that best suits your needs, but we also realize that having an expert guide you through the flagpole selection process can be helpful. Yaolong flagpole manufacturers recommend filling out the chat form chat tools below to help us determine the flagpole that works best for you. After filling out the form, we will call you to discuss the best flagpole for your needs based on your form answers. Of course, if you need immediate help when purchasing a flagpole, you can call us at 86-757-83131237.

yaolong flagpole company flagpole

Residential Flagpole

Yaolong's Residential flagpole series has a height range of 15'-40 ', available material of stainless steel & aluminum. If you need a reasonable price of flagpole, then the aluminum external flagpole is a very good choice. The external lanyard system is the most common flagpole application, placing a rope lanyard on the outside of the flagpole. The external sling system uses a flagpole truck with exposed pulleys and rope slings.


External halyard flagpole

An External Halyard Flagpole System incorporates a flagpole truck at the top of the flagpole with an exposed pulley. The rope goes through this pulley and is tied off on a cleat near the bottom of the flagpole. External Halyard Systems are available with both a stationary or rotating/revolving truck.


Internal halyard flagpole

The Internal Halyard Flagpole System conceals the rope on the inside of the flagpole. Internal Halyard flagpoles are more expensive than comparable external halyard flagpoles but they offer a more streamlined look and security. The rope is in the inside of the flagpole and travels up and out of the truck at the top of the flagpole. The rope is either wire centered halyard or stainless steel cable and is secured near the bottom of the flagpole with a cam cleat or with a winch. The rigging is accessible and controlled after unlocking an access door.

aluminum flagpole with accessories

Aluminum Flag Pole

Aluminum flag poles are the most popular choice when it comes to commercial grade flagpoles with internal halyard. That's because they are extremely durable, affordable, light-weight enough to ship and install easily, virtually maintenance free and are simply beautiful. If you're ready to make a dramatic impact at your home, business or government office, this is the type of flag pole with rope inside you should consider.
It also has a aluminum spun collar at the bottom of the flagpole, which completes the look visually aesthetic. Yaolong flagpole company internal halyard flagpole series are available height of 20 ft~100ft, however,we do not sell flags separately,if you need to order flags for your pole,please confirm us , and we will charge a additional cost.


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