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Yaolong Aluminium Solar Light Poles Supplied To US

  • source:yaolong
  • Date:03/10/2020

In the beginning of 2020,we manufactured and supplied some aluminium spun solar light poles to US.The location of the project is in Winston-Salem city,NC,USA.We are very excited to see our poles installed in such a beautiful place.


The design of this aluminium solar light pole is from US.It is simple but elegant design.Most of the solar panels are flat surface and this design is curved surface,which looks really attractive.The total height of these aluminium light columns are 7meters and 6meters.Considering the local strong winds,the pole is designed to withstand 200km/h of high wind speed.The finishing of the lighting pole is black color powder coated,which we use premium raw material of powder and it can last for at least 30 years.


YAOLONG team is dedicated to manufacture high quality aluminium spinning light poles for global outdoor lighting companies,contractors and end-users.We believe that in the future aluminium light poles with great advantages will replace carbon steel light poles in more and more projects.


In addition,we can provide you with the following products:

Street Light Pole

Garden Light Pole

Landscaping Light Pole

Traffic Light Pole

If you are interested in get the quote for Yaolong light pole,please feel free to shoot us an email to,we are looking forward to your message.


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